Chronology, Page 4

1990 thru 2004
Important Events in the Life of Jeffrey MacDonald

October 18, 1990The defense files a habeas corpus petition for MacDonald, charging prosecutor Murtagh with suppression of evidence.
December 31, 1990The FBI Lab issues a report detailing re-examination of evidence, including debris from the murder club.  Agent Michael Malone lists unsourced black wool fibers, but not pajama top fibers, as being on the club.
February 19, 1991Murtagh signs an affadavit swearing he had no knowledge at trial of the existence of the black wool fibers.
March 27, 1991MacDonald becomes eligible for parole.  He refuses a hearing, maintaining his innocence.
April 16, 1991The Supreme Court’s ruling in the case McClesky vs Zant, heavily restricts a defendant’s ability to get back into court, even with evidence of actual innocence. 
June 26, 1991Judge DuPree listens to oral arguments for a new trial based on the suppressed lab notes.
July 1, 1991Jeff MacDonald is transferred to FCI Sheridan, OR
July 8, 1991Judge Dupree denies the motion for a new trial, petitioned on October 19, 1990.
October 3, 1991The defense appeals Judge DuPree’s ruling.
June 2, 1992The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rules against a new trial for MacDonald.  They stated that the materials now introduced should have been presented by Brian O’Neill in 1984-85.  Therefore, all rights to further appeals were forfeited.
November 30, 1992The Supreme Court declines to review the lower court’s decision.
April 16, 1993-Jan 3, 1994Former MacDonald prosecutor James Blackburn is disbarred, is indicted on 12 felony counts including changing court documents, and is sentenced to 7 years in federal prison.
January 19, 1994Colette’s mother, Mildred dies at age 72.
October 24, 1994Colette’s step-father, Alfred Kassab, dies at age 73.
February 15, 1995Potter and Bost’s book FATAL JUSTICE is published.
December 17, 1995Judge DuPree dies at age 83.
May 1, 1996FOIA attorney Anthony Besceglie uncovers 1400 new pages of case documents, despite government claims that all information had been previously released to the defense. Michael Malone’s report stating he found no pajama top fibers on the club is found.
April 16, 1997The Wall Street Journal runs a front page story detailing misconduct by Michael Malone in a number of cases, including the MacDonald case.
April 22, 1997Attorneys Silverglate & Good file a new appeal based on Malone’s faulty testimony. Part of the appeal requests DNA testing of all biological evidence.
April 25, 1997Judge Malcolm Howard recuses himself as DuPree’s replacement, because he helped draft a memorandum for the prosecution in earlier court proceedings against MacDonald.  Judge James C. Fox, who was a personal friend of Judge DuPree’s, and gave the eulogy at his funeral, takes the case, and signs a statement saying that he can be impartial despite his friendship with DuPree.
October 17, 1997Judge Fox has denied all defense motions, but the Fourth Circuit Court of appeals grants one defense motion- the motion for DNA testing.
1997-2002MacDonald remains in prison in Oregon, awaiting the DNA testing and results (see DNA Timeline for details).  He teaches classes to prisoners, studies his medical books, and in 2001, becomes engaged to Kathryn Kurichh, a long time friend.
August 30, 2002Jeffrey and Kathryn MacDonald are married.
May, 2003Jeff is transferred to FCI Cumberland, MD, within 500 miles of his home of record, per Bureau of Prisons guidelines.
May 2004The defense awaits completion of DNA testing.

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