Chronology, Page 3

1982 thru 1990
Important Events in the Life of Jeffrey MacDonald

August, 1982Attorney Bernard Segal, disgusted and frustrated, convinced MacDonald that a fresh approach might be in order, and that he would remain available for counsel.  Attorney Brian O’Neill replaces Segal.
January 14, 1983Helena Stoeckley is found dead in her apartment, Seneca, SC.
February 1, 1983Congressmen Metzenbaum of OH and Cranston of CA pressure the government to override Murtagh’s orders, and begin releasing Freedom of Information Act materials (FOIA) requested by MacDonald in 1980.
Spring, 1984The book “FATAL VISION” by Joe McGinniss (who had been granted full access to the defense before, during and after trial) is published.  By deliberately manipulating conversations and events,  Jeff’s “best friend” paints him as a narcissistic psychopath, despite a written promise to “tell the truth”.  The book becomes a best seller.
May 29, 1984The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Judge DuPree’s ruling to deny defense access to the former MacDonald apartment.
June 4, 1984Although the prosecution had convinced the court that the apt. held nothing of evidentiary value, Mutagh requests that FBI agent Madden be escorted though the premises by Lt. Col. McNeill.  Madden collects items he considers useful to the prosecution.
June 6, 1984The apartment is destroyed, all contents including walls, floors, and appliances are burned and buried at the dump in Ft. Bragg.
August 21, 1984Judge DuPree refuses to remove himself from the case, citing that his former son-in-law, James Proctor, being formerly being part of the prosecution, did not influence his ability to be impartial.
August 31, 1984Law student Donna Bruce convinces MacDonald to file a civil suit for fraud against Joe McGinniss.  Attorney Gary Bostwick files.
November 18-19, 1984The mini-series based on “FATAL VISION” is aired on NBC, and is #1 in the ratings for the week.
January 18, 1985Warren Coolidge, former US Attorney for the Eastern District of NC, who fought so hard to indict MacDonald, is disbarred after being caught embezzling funds from clients.
March 1, 1985Judge DuPree rejects all defense motions for a new trial.  He cites the two pajama fibers found on the club (murder weapon) as the most incriminating evidence offered at trial.  (Later found to be black wool, through FOIA).  The defense appeals.
June 10, 1985The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) files a friend of the court brief, contending that MacDonald is wrongly convicted.
December 17, 1985The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals upholds Dupree’s ruling and refuses to reopen the case.
December 19, 1985Jeff MacDonald is transferred from the prison in TX to FCI Black Canyon in Phoenix, AZ.
March 18, 1986Dr. David C. Raskin, one of the country’s renowned polygraphers, tests MacDonald and finds “no deception.”
September 4, 1986Dr. Thomas T. Noguchi, a leading forensic expert, publishes an opinion on the MacDonald case, stating that, given the physical evidence, one person alone could not have committed the murders.
October 6, 1986The Supreme Court upholds the lower courts decision.
June 26, 1987Joe McGinniss offers MacDonald $200K to drop his law suit.
July 7, 1987The civil trial against McGinniss begins in an LA federal court. In order to attend court, MacDonald is required to pay transportation costs from AZ to CA, the cost of his incarceration in CA, and the expense of federal marshals to guard him. Judge Rea denies McGinniss’s motion to throw the case out.
August 21, 1987The suit ends in a mistrial, as a result of a 5 to 1 hung jury in MacDonald’s favor.  The hold out juror had refused to deliberate after fellow jurors rebuffed her attempts to spend time listening to her views on animal rights.
November 23, 1987Rather than face a second trial, McGinniss settles out of court for $325,000.
December 1, 1987Alfred and Mildred Kassab file a lawsuit, requesting that the settlement money be given to them.
February 28, 1988Jerry Potter and Fred Bost begin work on the book “FATAL JUSTICE.”
January 1, 1989After a four day trial (Kassab vs. MacDonald), Judge Ross decides the following:  The $325K settlement will be divided between MacDonald’s attorneys ($104K), MacDonald’s mother ($93K) Mildred Kassab (80K) and the rest to Jeff MacDonald.
October 1, 1989Attorneys Harvey Silverglate and Alan Dershowitz agree to take on Jeffrey MacDonald’s case.
Feb 10, 1990Perry MacDonald, Jeff’s mother, dies.